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Government grants and rebates available now! No hassle solar solutions from a locally based specialist solar installations company, helping you take full control of your energy bills by installing quality and affordable solar systems you will be proud of.

Solar price for homes

Often people feel the decision to go with solar power is restricted by financial barriers. Most people agree that PV (PhotoVoltaic) solar panels will save you money and is largely beneficial for the environment, but hey, I can’t afford thousands of dollars up front for a solar system on my roof?

No worries! We offer a range of consumer finance platforms, some of which require absolutely no credit checks at all, leave no footprints on your credit file and due to the fact that solar installation will drastically reduces your power bills, green loans actually take your power bill savings into account to justify the approval and affordability of your plan.

Did you know you’re actually paying for solar generated power anyway? Yes that’s right, and your paying way over the odds for it. Solar energy generated from your neighbours houses, is being sold back to the grid by whats known as ‘feed in tarrif’ whereby your neighbours are getting paid for their exported excess energy. You’re then being charged full rate for this power and the energy companies are paying your neighbour. If you don’t have your own solar system you’re effectively paying your neighbours for their excess power at an extortionate rate.

solar finance with no upfront cost

Why not change the dead payments you already make on your power bill into an investment in a solar system that will show long term returns, rather than wasted funds on energy bills that  will never provide any returns at all.

Quantum Solar have teamed up with specialist green loan finance providers to make solar affordable for you. Lenders, like us understand that having solar causes instant affordability in your circumstances due to the fact your power bills will reduce as a result of your installation. Therefore it’s never been easier to take out a green loan and have your solar system installed at no upfront cost whatsoever.

no better time to buy solar than now

Are you sick of rising power bills? Can you remember how much you paid for your power 5 years ago for the same size house, with the same amount of people living there and have no understanding why they are almost double if not triple? Well your power bills are going up on average 10% each year Australia wide where as a payment plan will remain the same throughout the life of the contract with green loans usually offering absolutely no early settlement costs should you wish to pay the final balance sooner. A solar panel installation could potentially save you thousands.

commercial solar installation tweed heads

Commercial Solar Cost

Cash flow – one of the most fundamentally important aspects of your business. Commercial solar panel installations, depending on the size, usually require a lot more planning design and legislative frameworks to adhere to. Not to mention the capital required to fund the amount of product and labour required to full-fill a large commercial solar installation project. Quantum Solar has teamed up with specific solar finance providers, able to offer rate-subsidised commercial green loans enabling you to get the best value for money in financing for your long term solar system investment.

With GST claimable for the full amount on your quarterly GST bill and the majority of the project if not all, being tax deductible, your commercial solar installation will have a huge short term financial benefits as well. (Seek your accountants advise for tax deductible levels and items). Don’t wait a moment longer, find out how much a quality solar energy system could be saving you!

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