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why choose solar for your home?

Did you know that 2 Million Australian homes have had solar power installed to date? That’s 20% of all homes in Australia and there’s a reason why so many households are making the decision to go green. It comes down to the financial benefits on offer for households that have turned their roofs into power harvesting facilities of their own. Not only that but the environment benefits an enormous amount off the back of all these solar investments. One 5kw solar system installation is enough to save over 3000 Kg’s of coal being burnt each year, or the equivalent of planting 181 new trees, every year. If you imagine this across 2 million households over Australia, that’s a lot of benefit the environment is enjoying, while you’re benefiting in your own pocket! Quantum Solar, based in Tweed Heads is here to help you with residential solar power solutions.

how do solar panels for your home actually work?

Solar Panels installed on your roof, often referred to as a PV (PhotoVoltaic) Solar system, works by the cells in your solar panel using light energy from the sun (scientifically known as photons) to separate electrons from atoms which generates an electrical DC current, (Direct Current). DC current cannot be used by the grid or the majority of appliances in your home, so you have to also have an inverter installed, often near your switchboard which will receive all of the DC current and convert it into AC (Alternating Current) which is perfect for your home and the grid. This means you can both power your home and send excess solar power back to the grid which you get paid on through your energy provider. 

What is the best sized solar system for my house?

Well, that is the big question. The size of your residential solar panel system depends on many things, the main three being:

1) How much energy do you use and when do you use it?

2) What does your property allow?

3) Your home solar ambitions.

Let’s break these three points down to find the best solar system for your home. 

1) How much energy do you use?

Your quarterly or monthly electricity bill tells you exactly how much energy you are using in your home, albeit energy bills are extremely confusing to read and some may say they are designed to keep you from understanding your energy usage. The reality is, however, energy is a very complicated thing to understand. Power is measured and charged over timed usage which makes your bill seem even more complicated to understand! For example, if your TV uses 1kw of power when switched on, if it was left on for 1 hour that would appear on your bill as 1kw/h (one kilowatt hour). If your vacuum is a 2000w (2kw) rated appliance and you had this on for 15 minutes this would appear on your bill as 0.5kw. This is because when your 2000w appliance is on for 1 quarter of an hour, the wattage gets divided by four (a quarter) and that figure is applied to your bill. Every single bit of power usage goes into your bill and is a mix between everything rated power output and timed usage of these differently rated items. Can you understand why its hard to keep tabs on your usage now? But have no fear, our free energy assessment with one of our highly skilled solar specialists will help you gain full understanding of your energy usage and what size home solar system would fit your needs.

2) What does your property allow?

Different types and styles of property permits for different solar installation and designs. It would be amazing if every person had a large north facing roof that allowed as many solar panels as you wanted, but in reality homes are designed all very differently making solar design one of the most important factors to consider when trying to reduce your power bill. Tile roofs, tin roofs, flat roofs church steeples you name it, if it has a roof, we’ll put solar on it – and we’ll make it work for you!

Understanding your property can make the design of your solar system really work to your advantage. Take this for an example, you may have a large family all up and about using power in the morning. If you have an east facing roof on your property we are going to look to add solar panels there so we can harness the morning power as early as possible – at the times you need it. East facing roofs typically get the sun first as the sun rises in the east. This is just one small example – our solar specialists will run through your property type with you and offer a solution that’s right for you! At Quantum we take the time to understand your energy habits and tie this into our design to help maximise your solar investment.

3) What are your solar ambitions?

What do you want from you solar investment? Do you want to make your bills disappear now or do you want to plan for your future? Maybe you are planning a larger family which will no doubt incur more energy usage?

Do you perhaps have a large roof space but have been swamped by the standard 5kw solar advert that never ends up costing the same as advertised due to increased solar panel installation costs – (Often post install)? Did you know you can have a larger solar system than a 5kw system. In fact, we make these applications to electricity distributors almost daily. On a single phase meter you are generally restricted to 5kw of export per hour (On your bill as 5kw/h) but that doesn’t mean you can only have a 5kw system. You can have a much larger system if your usage is there to keep your feed in at a constant 5kwh. This can really help with your investment as an almost guaranteed feed in rebate is something you can depend on here in Australia, the solar radiation capital of the world.

solar panels for house tweed heads

Residential solar business that makes things easy

Residential Solar is one of our specialities, we offer a ‘turn – key’ solar energy solution to help make the decision to go solar an easy and enjoyable “yes” for our customers. From start to finish, our team of experts will design your system, organise your payment plan (if required), file all legal paperwork and permission to connect applications with your distributor, arrive promptly with your products on the day of install and build you a system both you and Quantum are proud of. We go the extra mile for our customers and we want to show you how. Quantum Solar – Tweed Heads is a solar company that’s here to help.

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