Did you know that by installing a new solar system in your home or business in NSW, you can qualify for solar rebates? Quantum Solar based in Tweed Heads, wants to make it simple for you to start enjoying the benefits of solar power with the help of solar rebates in NSW. These rebates and incentives can save you a lot, and make the acquisition and installation affordable for you. Through the Renewable Energy Target policy, residents of New South Wales can access various solar incentives including Small-scale Technology Certificates and Large –scale Generation Certificates.

Small-scale Technology Certificates Work

When you install a small-scale renewable energy system such as solar water heaters and rooftop solar, the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) are created. You can then sell these certificates to energy companies through the Clean Energy Regulator’s Certificate Clearing House System. Alternatively, you can have the value of the certificates deducted from the initial cost of the system.

The size of the solar rebate in NSW you will receive

The price of STC’s varies with market conditions, and the number of STC’s you receive depends on the size of the system and where you’re located. Australia is divided into four STC zones depending on the amount of renewable energy that can be generated by a solar panel in the zone. Zone 1 receives the most STC’s while zone 4 gets the least. The bigger the renewable energy system, the bigger the solar rebate.

You can also get a larger rebate, and at Quantum Solar, we can help you get the maximum benefit from this scheme. The scheme will run until 2030, and the number of certificates issued for each installation will decrease each year to reach zero in 2030. Therefore, it would be wise to switch to renewable energy now to take advantage of the scheme.

Scheme Eligibility

The following are the small-scale renewable systems that may be eligible for STC’s:

  • Wind turbines
  • Solar photovoltaic panels
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Hydro systems
  • Solar water heaters

Large-scale Generation Certificates

The government incentivizes the development of renewable energy power stations through the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) scheme. Through this scheme, power stations are able to create Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC’s) for electricity generated from the power station’s renewable energy sources. The power stations can then sell the certificates to entities with liabilities under the LRET to meet their compliance obligations. They can also sell them to companies and individuals who want to offset their energy use and emissions.

Commercial Solar Rebates

As a business owner, you’re always looking to lower your operational costs. One of the main contributors to the costs is the power bills. Luckily, switching to commercial solar power can save you significant amounts and will help you to minimize the greenhouse gas impact of your business. It even becomes more cost effective if you can access solar rebates in NSW and other government incentives available. For any business, the value of Small-scale Technology Certificates can be thousands of dollars.

Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Power

  • Reduce operating costs – As discussed above, going solar can significantly boost your bottom line with savings on power and operating costs.
  • Appeal to customers – Today, more and more people are supporting green initiatives hence switching to clean energy will appeal to your customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Government rebates – Switching to commercial solar power will make you eligible for government rebates which can give you a financial boost.

Many businesses in New South Wales are following this renewable energy trend and installing commercial solar to minimize costs. At Quantum Solar, we can help you to lower your costs by switching to renewable energy. We are the solar power expert and have installed numerous commercial solar installations in NSW. We have partnered with strategic solar finance providers to offer subsidized commercial green loans. This, together with solar rebates in NSW enables you to get the best value for your money in the solar system investment.

Other Incentives for Installing Solar Power

Feed-in Tariffs

If your solar panel generates more electricity than is needed at your home or business, the excess is exported to the electricity grid. A feed-in tariff is what your retailer pays you for every unit of power you export to the grid. It is paid per kilowatt hour, and the rate varies between retailers.

Such government incentives and solar rebates in NSW make it easier for residents to access and install solar power and reduce their energy bills. The point of difference with Quantum Solar is that we take the time to find the right solar system for your personal or business needs while providing the best possible prices. If you are a home of business owner in Tweed Heads or anywhere in Australia, give us a call today to organise your free solar assessment.